Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Superbowl XLI Media Overview

During Superbowl XLI, the biggest category with the most product mentions was CBS promoting their own programming with 45 commercials and/or promotional mentions.

CBS most heavily promoted:

The biggest paying category was, not surprisingly, Automotive with 25 commercials and/or product mentions by nine brands.

Top Five in Automotive:

  • Cadillac (4)
  • Chevrolet (4)
  • Honda (4)
  • Toyota (3)
  • Ford Trucks (3)

The third category was beer and this was the largest exclusive category with all 13 commercials and/or product mentions being for Budweiser products. Non-alcoholic beverages (10), Internet (6), Snacks (6), Insurance (5), DVD Rental (4), and Employment (4), rounded out the top ten categories. For a full category listing, see Superbowl Commercial Categories.

There were 83 advertisers in Superbowl XLI many of which were advertising multiple brands. Looking just at commercials and not including sponsorships, Budweiser, was the biggest commercial advertiser with nine entries for at least four different beers. For a complete list of advertisers, see Superbowl XLI Commercial Advertiser Rankings. For a complete list of sponsors, see Superbowl XLI Sponsorships.

Top Six Commercial Advertisers:

  • Budweiser All Products (9)
  • Grammy Awards (6)
  • Survivor Fiji (5)
  • Cadillac (4)
  • Coke (4) NFL (4)

With a total of 144 commercial spots at an average in-game / post-game selling price somewhere between $2M and $2.6M, this game generated between $280M and $375M in commercial revenue alone.

For a complete log of all commercials and their pod positions, please see Superbowl XLI Commercial and Promotion Log.

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